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Vietnam web design


- Show posts unlimited number of posts

- Support posting high quality images

- Classification broken down into many different types of news, stories by many levels

- Active Management Module


- Post your recruitment information in order to find potential candidates for your business.

- Display contact method, online contact.

Advertising: Support to post ads in many different file types: images, banners, videos, ..., supporting links to websites


- Link advertising with partners

- Quick search by keywords related to every content in the website


- Count and display the number of website visitors, Online people

- Allow commenting and displaying comments

- Display exchange information and weather

Contact: Provide online contact form.

Online support: Integrating online support via phone number, email or online chat software.

Map: Display information and search for the location on the map.

Any business when designing website agents and online distributors, Viet SEO also ensures and commits to customers a website with beautiful interface and full features as above. Besides, the following advantages are things that you cannot ignore using and experiencing Sky Vietnam's customer service:

Vietnam web design

- Committing the time to hand over the website design with professional agents and distributors, exactly as agreed and signed on the contract.

- After-design customer support service is always available, taking place 24/7 to help the business website operate in the best way.

- When designing agency and distributor web, your website will ensure fast access speed, suitable for all mobile devices with Responsive website design technology and browser to users, Customers the most wonderful experience.

- Especially when owning a page

IMS specializes in designing travel websites Every one of us needs to relax after a hard working time and you need to have a relaxing place that is affordable and affordable. Tourism industry is growing and meeting all needs of people with specialized website system ...

Website design for schools and education

Education - Training is always the cradle to provide talents for the country. The ever-growing knowledge education who wants to have knowledge always gives us an effective solution and method of research in order to create an endless source of knowledge around us. Currently information technology is growing ...

Design web construction - furniture - architecture

Specialized in Construction web - interior - architecture Design of construction web, interior, architecture Is a specific product in this field. Because of the unique characteristics for each specialty, IMS introduces some basic features to build a website with specific characteristics for each website.

Website design hotels, resorts

As we all know in the era of information technology development, building hotel websites is extremely necessary. If you run a restaurant and hotel business without designing a website, it's like fighting without a weapon. Let's understand simple and try to put that problem ...

Real estate website design

IMS Company specializes in designing real estate websites - Reputable and quality real estate with reasonable prices. The economy is growing, the country is becoming more and more integrated with the world, the society is becoming more and more civilized. the higher the human needs. The need for housing is always the first concern, so the need to find ...

E-commerce website design

In the past few years, Vietnam's economy has begun to integrate with the global economy. The form of online trading is no longer strange to business people. With the E-commerce solution, it brings many benefits in of profit as well as bringing about the speedy process of transactions between businesses and businesses, between buyers ...

Vietnam web design

Viet SEO is a leading company providing SEO services, SEO services, google adwords advertising, facebook advertising, wifi marketing; Organize training and training of intensive online marketing courses such as training course SEO website, Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing. With the goal of 2015 becoming the number 1 online marketing company in Vietnam, Viet SEO is making every effort to bring the best products and services at the most competitive prices to its customers.

Human resource website design

Recruitment website design Recruitment online personnel today is always the first choice of many businesses with the convenience, quickly bringing high efficiency in recruiting senior staff as well as employees. every department in the company. With great demand and high potential a lot of companies operate ...

Car web design

IMS specializes in designing web cars Automobiles - Motorbikes are one of the high-class and modern products so if you are a business in the field of Cars - Motorcycles but not equipped for yourself. a website to introduce products, introduce companies is indeed an extremely flawed thing. A professional website ...

Web design for restaurants - Cafes

IMS Company specializes in designing restaurant websites - Restaurants, restaurants are one of the most exciting eating and drinking places in Vietnam, to have a venue for family receptions on weekends or special occasions. public holidays everyone has a certain preparation with restaurant website design always bring pictures ...

Designing beauty website - SPA

Website design beauty - spa Talking about the charm everyone will think of the woman that is a natural beauty that nothing can be compared. Today that beauty becomes more attractive as the technology of beauty grows, making that beauty as honored and precious as the jewels ...

Website design online sales

How to design an effective online sales website? Why are so many businesses doing business online? Do you have an online sales business? and have you ever wondered how to have an effective business website system with a reasonable cost of deployment and a ...

Ad website design

Classifieds one of the advertising channels, marketing fast and effective. A business that wants to advertise its products to people who want to know more is targeting marketing tools on classifieds sites. Because this is a very effective advertising channel that brings high profits and costs ...

Hospital web design

IMS introduced the web design solution for hospitals, health departments, clinics .... with the experience of successfully implementing large hospitals now combined with many years of technical staff. IMS testing brings the best and most effective products. We are always a reliable and prestigious partner ...

Vietnam web design

Medical web design, health

IMS introduces a number of features for hospital and health web design. With over 7 years of experience in the field of web design, IMS currently implements many customers in this field. with no modern design, parallel to the professional programming team that has been with the company for many years and an excellent team of designers who always create ...

Website design news, electronic newspapers

Today with

Counters module visited the website:

- Provide information about the number of people visiting the company website

12. Language module:

- One language (More languages ​​can be added: English, French, Russian, Chinese, Korean ...)

13. Online contact module:

- Provides an online form that allows business customers to easily submit reviews, comments as well as requests and contact the site's management.

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A distributor is a company or corporation contracted by a company to provide a one-national brand product. It is the intermediary connecting the firm and its agents. In simple terms, they take the goods from the label then wholesale them to the dealers.

Distributors are responsible for finding agents, supplying goods, agents, promoting product images to consumers, preserving its image, warrantying products when damaged at centers. guarantee.

Solution of designing website for agents and distributors Online for businesses at Viet SEO

First of all, we talk a little about designing website dealers and distributors Online for businesses. A pure referral website will not directly bring in revenue. Website is merely a channel introducing agents or distributors. Provide necessary information to those who are interested in website dealers and distributors Online.

The main purpose of designing an online website to introduce agents and distributors to companies and businesses is to let customers visit the website to better understand the business activities, development goals, visions, strategies, services, products that businesses are providing, incentive programs, promotions, etc. ... Although not directly taking money, the design of a website introduces the company if done with an orientation. Clearly developing on a professional website design platform will be an extremely effective communication support tool. The benefits are not immediate, but stable values ​​and long-term commitments.

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